God's Timing Is Worth the Wait

Nov. 16, 2017

Mark 5:21-43

So the story goes like this, a religious leader named Jairus asked Jesus to heal his daughter, who was on the point of death. On the way to his house, a lady with a bleeding problem for 12 years approached Jesus. She was healed when she touched Jesus' garment. Then Jesus asked who touched him. The lady was scared to confess. She ended up telling the whole truth. Jairus was still there waiting for Jesus to come to his house. After a while, someone told them that Jairus' daughter died. Jesus said that his daughter was just asleep. The crowds laughed at him. In the end, the daughter was alive and completely healed.

From Jairus' story, we can learn that God is always listening. He knows what we need. What if Jairus felt angry and left Jesus when he was listening to the old lady's story. What if he doubted Jesus' power when the crowds were laughing at Jesus. He would've lost the chance of seeing his daughter again. However, he faithfully waited on Jesus and put his trust in Him. He truly believed when Jesus said, "Do not be afraid, just believe." (v. 37) Because of his faith and patience, his daughter was healed.

Many of us are probably waiting for God's answer. We might feel that God isn't listening to our prayers. We might fell tired of waiting. We might feel discouraged when we see non-believers have a better life than us. As believers, we should never lose faith in Jesus. He is always faithful to us. He always fulfills His promise. His timing is different than ours.