Leave And Give Everything To The One Who Can Do The Impossible

Nov. 16, 2017

Mark 6:35-44

Crowds around 5k followed Jesus to hear His preaching. Along the way, they were hungry. First, the disciples asked Jesus if they could send the crowds away to buy their own food. Second, the disciples offered their money to buy food for the crowds. Jesus didn't permit them, instead, He asked what they had with them. It turned out they had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (the fish weren't whales for sure). Then, Jesus told the crowds to sit in groups. After that, He gave thanks and distributed the bread and fish to the crowds. In the end, the crowds were all satisfied and there were leftovers. It was truly God's miracle.

Through this story, we can relate ourselves to the disciples. Often times we are too focused on our own daily lives. We are blinded by our struggles. We rely on our strength, and we forget that we have the God that can do the impossible. God wants to help us. He wants us to depend on Him. All we need to do is pray. Talk to God about the problems we are having. Read His Word because It gives us power. Just like in the scripture, Jesus knew that it was impossible for the disciples to handle. The right thing they did was bringing the problem to Jesus.

Another thing we can learn is that God wants to use what we have to glorify His Name. We all have things that God gave. They can be anything. They can be talents such as playing an instrument or being able to sing or even the simple things like material blessings such as money. If we use them so that God's name is glorified, he will multiply all those gifts. They won't go in vain. We will have them more abundantly. Therefore, leave and give everything to God.