The Purpose of Our Trials

Nov. 16, 2017

Mark 6:45-51

Summary :
Jesus let his disciples go on a boat on their own to the other side. In the middle of their travel, a strong wind was blowing against the boat. The disciples were struggling. However, Jesus saw them from on top of the mountain. He walked on water approaching the disciples. Since it was completely dark, the disciples thought they saw a ghost. They cried out. Jesus told them not to be afraid. Then he stopped the wind.

Often times, we are in trials because God allows them to happen in our life. God wants to test our faith and wants our faith to grow. Just as a gold is purified with fire. The more it is exposed to fire the purer it becomes. The same thing with our faith, if we are always in our comfort zone, we will never see God's miracle happening in our life. Also, It is up to us how we respond. Often times we are terrified and focus completely on the trials rather than focusing on God. It doesn't matter how great our trials are because our God is greater. One thing we can ensure that God will never leave us alone. He is omnipresent.