The Only Way To Achieve Salvation

Nov. 17, 2017

Mark 12:1-11

Summary :

Jesus told parables in front of the crowds and the people who wanted to arrest Him. The parables go like this, there was a man who owned a vineyard. Then he leased it to tenant farmers. Every harvest time the man sent somebody to collect from them his portion of the crop. The first person he sent was beaten by the tenants and came back empty-handed. The second person got killed. The man kept sending someone and they were either injured or killed. Lastly, the man sent his son because he thought the tenants might respect him. In the end, the tenants killed his son because they want to take his heir. Then, Jesus asked what the owner would do to the tenants. He said the owner would destroy the tenants and give the vineyard to others.

The implication of the parables may seem obvious to some of us. The owner of the vineyard in the parables represents God Himself. The tenants represent the Jews throughout generations. Then the people whom the owner sent represent the prophets. Lastly, the beloved son represents Jesus Christ. Basically, the parables speak of how the Jews kept resisting the truth brought by the prophets. They even rejected salvation offered by Jesus. Because of their rejection, God passed on his promise and hope throughout the world.

The parables show how much God loves His people. He gave all of us so many chances to come back to Him. He sent His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and He gave us salvation freely through Him. We can't earn salvation, we receive it once we receive Jesus. That's the beauty of our God. He gives us free will. Those who receive Jesus will live eternally, while those who don't will receive His judgment. Therefore, the choice is up to us. We, as Christians, should be rejoicing because eternal life is awaiting us.