Give Thanks For The Blesser, Not Only For The Blessings

Dec. 22, 2017

Luke 17:11-19

On the way to Jerusalem, Jesus met ten people with leprosy. They were asking Jesus to heal them. Jesus told them to go to show themselves to the priests. They all went their way and were cleansed. However, one of them went back to Jesus, praising God. He thanked Jesus for the healing. Then Jesus questioned where the other nine were. In the end, Jesus told the man to go his way, his faith had made him well.

Through this scripture, we can reflect ourselves with the ten lepers. All of us have experienced times when we are in deep trouble. We seek God's help because we know we can't handle it ourselves. However, often times we forget that we seek God only when we are desperate. We tend to forget about God when everything seems going well. We forget that it's all by the grace of God that we're still breathing and having our daily needs. Without realizing, we act similar to the other nine lepers who didn't show any gratitude.

Let's learn from the one leper who joyfully turned back to God and praised Him. He was grateful to God. When Jesus saw him returning, He let him go his way and told him that his faith had made him well. Surely after hearing it from Jesus, the man felt even more confident in living his life. His faith in Jesus would never fade even when he faced struggles.