Stop Regretting

June 2, 2018

Matthew 27:3-10 ; John 18:25-27 ; John 21:7

In our lives, we all have experienced regrets of some kind. We feel guilty for the decisions we made and afraid to move on. We often hold on to those regrets and let them block the vision and hope that God has put in us for the future. In the end, we go nowhere and end up going further away from God's plan for us.

Regret is one of the enemies' weapons they use to destroy God's people's lives. Everyone including people in the bible had experienced regrets. For instance, in this scripture, we learn that Jesus' disciples, Peter and Judas, had regret. Peter regretted denying Jesus three times. He ended up running away, feeling scared, defeated, and without hope. On the other hand, Judas regretted selling Jesus out. He felt so guilty that he took his own life. However, there was a huge difference in their story. In the scripture, when Jesus showed himself to Peter after His resurrection, He approached Jesus with extreme joy. On that moment Peter was free from his regret. After that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, he was brave and lived a victorious life. The life that we all, God's people, should have.

As long as we are still breathing, God never stops working with our lives. It's us that walk away from God's help by wasting our time living in regrets. We should leave the regrets aside and come to Jesus. He has solutions to every problem.