No Doubt If We Have God On Our Side

Dec. 19, 2018

Matthew 11:2-11

Doubting is one of the most common things we do when we are under circumstances. We doubt when we can't handle them. It's even sadder when we doubt God's power. Sadly, most of us have gone through that kind of situation before.

The Scripture tells us that John the Baptist once had a doubt about Jesus. At that time he was in prison, and he sent his messengers to ask Jesus whether He is the "Coming One", the Messiah(v.3). He must've had experienced hard times in prison. Thus, He probably questioned himself if everything he did for Jesus was in vain.

Jesus' response was to let John the works He had done."The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them."(v.5) Also, He praised John in front of the crowds, that "he is more than a prophet"(v.9) because he prepared the way before the Lord. In other words, He told John everything He had done for Jesus was not in vain, and he will have a part in the kingdom of Heaven.

From this Scripture, there are things we can learn. First, we shouldn't have any doubt whether God is able to overcome our circumstances because "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world" (1 John 4:4). Also, just as Jesus wanted John to look at the works He had done, He wants us to believe that He can do anything, even the impossible. Second, whatever we do for the Lord will never be in vain. He has a place stored for us in Heaven.